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Do Internet Algorithms Exist?

How do you know someone creates algorithms that determine what pops up on your screen? A person could say it’s just a matter of chance, not design. There are no evil programmers who manipulate our searches. There are just coincidences and blind chance.

Besides, have you ever seen someone manipulate the internet with these formulas? How scientific is it to accuse a person of playing games with our minds for money and power when you don’t even know if that person exists? This sounds like something you might believe in but you can’t prove it. In fact, it sounds like ghosts in the machine.

Why does one post go viral while another goes nowhere? You might as well ask why a fly lands on one piece of bread and not another. The internet is evolving as the information we put on it keeps expanding.

Here is another problem. If these evil technocrats really exist and control the internet, then how do you explain the good things that are on it? If evil masterminds have this much control, they would certainly eliminate anything good.

I have just argued like skeptics argue about God.

Skeptics say the universe is here by chance, not design. They tell us they would have to see God before they believe in Him; otherwise it’s a matter of blind faith, not science. Evolution, they insist, is the reason the world is what it is. And, to a skeptic, the deathblow to belief in God is the problem of evil. How could a loving and all-powerful God allow evil in the world?

There is evidence that we are being manipulated on the internet. There is far, far more evidence that God is the Creator and Sustainer of this universe. In fact, there is more proof that your eye or your hand is designed by God than there is that your screen was designed by human beings. Your DNA, a hummingbird or a goldfish is much more complex. And then there is the most incredible computer of all—the mind. How can anyone believe that AI and bots are designed but not believe that the human mind was made?

What can we say about someone who looks at the latest screen and marvels at its design and yet ignores the Creation around him and denies its Creator? The Bible said it thousands of years ago. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm. 14:1).


West End church of Christ, June 9, 2024


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